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Hyper-V Security Guide

Nesse post temos uma descrição do Hyper-V security Guide:
Elevate virtual environment security with the Hyper-V Security Guide!
The Hyper-V Security Guide is designed to provide your customers with guidance, instructions, and recommendations to help them further elevate the security of virtualized Windows Server® environments and address their business-critical needs.
Here’s your chance to help your customers efficiently manage the security of their virtualized environments. Get all the details about the guide by visiting the Hyper-V Security Guide page on TechNet.
The Hyper-V Security Guide provides the following information to address security concerns about server virtualization:
Hardening the Hyper-V role. Prescriptive guidance for hardening the Hyper-V role, including several best practices for installing and configuring Hyper-V with a focus on security. These best practices include measures for reducing the attack surface of Hyper-V as well as recommendations for properly configuring secure virtual networks and storage devices.
Delegating virtual machine management. Prescriptive guidance to help IT professionals safely and securely delegate administrative access to virtual machine resources using tools such as System Center Virtual Machine Manager.
Protecting virtual machines. Prescriptive guidance for securing virtual machine resources, including best practices and detailed steps for protecting virtual machines by using a combination of file system permissions, encryption, and auditing.
Benefits for your customers
This Solution Accelerator provides the following important benefits to help your customers:
Secure deployment. The recommendations in this guide will help customers securely deploy applications on the Microsoft virtualization platform with confidence. 
Comprehensive. This guide was written to address key security concerns around server virtualization.
Thoroughly tested. All security recommendations have been fully tested in Microsoft labs.
Free. The Hyper-V Security Guide is free on the Microsoft Download Center.
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